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The gameplay in Styx is timeless and great in its simplicity. Your task is to make a border around a bunch of sticks which are moving around. When you enclose 80% of the area you move on to the next level. You move around the border and only venture out when you are building a new border. There is also a snake like thing following you. If you hit it, you lose a life. I didn't make it past level 2 but it had two snakes, so I'm assuming there are even more in later levels. The other way of losing a life is if the sticks hit you or your line while you are building it. The game is very intense when you have about 70% of the are filled because the sticks are covering much of the remaining areas and you have to watch out for the snake even more. With less space it is a good idea to build smaller borders at a time. You can move in 8 directions and your border is built when you successfully touch another border. Three different colors represent the bonus multiplier. Blue is 1X, red is 5X, and green is 10X. You have three lives Controls: You can move around with either the arrow keys or using the number pad. I recommend using the pad because you can move in all eight directions that way (using 1,7,9,3 to move diagonally). To make a border you have to press and hold down F1 of all buttons. If you are in the midst of building a border and let go of F1 you have about a second to press it again or you will blow up. Important Technical Note: This game needs to run in CGA mode under 500 cycles in DOSBox. I will go over how to set this up in D-Fend. Go to the applications section for more on these two programs. Make the game profile using the Profile Wizard by pressing F2 or clicking on the little wizard's hat under File. Fill in the name and select the game file. Click on >> to get to the next screen. Now change the cycles to 500 and video card to CGA. Now click on "Accept all defaults" and you're ready to play the game.

Date: 14.4.2015
Reviewer-Rating: 4/5

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The game "Styx" was originally created by Windmill software in 1983 and released as a copy-protected, bootable 5.25" floppy disk for the IBM PC/XT.


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Game Info

More Info: Wikipedia | Mobygames
Platform: MS-DOS
Genre: Action
Developer: Windmill Software
Publisher: Windmill Software
Description: Enclose a constantly moving bunch of sticks in this fun and exciting masterpiece.
Tags: Styx, Styx Game, DOS Game
Game-Rating: 4/5 based on 1 ratings

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