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Street Rod

Made by: California Dreams, Logical Design Works, Inc.

Year: 1989

Category: Racing

Rating: 4.7/5

Size: 392 KB


To start playing you'll need a car. After you fill in your name, you'll be taken to the newspaper. Click on used cars. Now just choose one that you can afford with your starting $750. To go to the next and previous page when viewing the newspaper, click on the columns on the left and right of the screen. When you're ready to race click on the left of the garage view outside the garage to head down to Bob's Drive-In to look for some competition.

There are two types of races: drag and road. In a drag race, you race on a short straight track. Drag races can be just for kicks, for $10 or for $50. Road races are much longer and on a curvy track. Road races can be for $25, $100, or pink slips, meaning the winner gets the loser's car.

Racing strategy is important in Street Rod. The start is very important and faster cars can be beaten with a good start, especially in drag races. The goal at the start is to cut off your opponent. To do this, you have to be faster than him in the first few seconds. Hold the up arrow to rev up before the green light and hit space/left mouse button as soon as the light is green. Then, as soon as you are ahead turn into your opponents lane to cut them off.

Try to stay away from going too fast on road races because you run the risk of getting pulled over by the police and getting a ticket. If you have the lead, try to keep your speed down.

Once in a while you'll have to buy gas. Click on the green gas tank on the bottom right of your screen in the garage. When at the pump, click on the gas pump handle closes to your car and then click on your now open gas tank. The alternative is to wait a bit and let the gas pump worker do it for you.

It's important to keep your car in good shape. To find out if you need to buy any new parts, click on the car report on the table to the right. It will say "Car info" as you hover over it. This report will tell you the condition of your parts. Don't let them get too worn as it will affect the speed of your car. You can buy new parts in the newspaper. To get to the newspaper, click on it in the bottom left of the garage. To change your tires, click on the green jack in the bottom middle of the garage. Other parts can be changed by clicking on the hood then on parts. You'll have to remove the old part first and this is done by clicking on the screws holding that part.

Tuning increases your total speed. To tune your car, click on the hood when it's in the garage and select "TUNE". Click on the up or down (retard and advance) buttons and match up the arrow on the left with the red arrow on the right. Look at the tuning screenshot to the right for a visual.

There are several modifications you can make to your car. The roof can be chopped and the front and back bumpers stripped. It costs some money to do this but also gives makes your car faster. Any changes made can also be undone for a price.

The goal of the game is to beat the king, the best driver in the game. By doing this, you become the king and beat the game. You only have until school starts to do this, so keep a keen eye on the calendar in the garage.


Using the keyboard, space shifts gears, and the arrow keys are used to steer. Using the mouse, left click shifts gears and moving left and right steers. I prefer using the keyboard because it's easier to steer, but you can always try them both out and see which one you prefer. Space and left click will also skip the cutscenes you get when you go to another place.

Important Technical Note:

It asks you a copy protection question at the start. Just answer anything and you'll get past it.