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This strategic wrestling simulation puts the player in the boots of either Hulk Hogan, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, or "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase. Hulk Hogan holds the WWF Heavyweight Championship and each match played is a title defense. There are only two matches that can be played: Hogan vs Savage or Hogan vs DiBiase. Which match you play depends on which file you run. Run MLW2d for Hogan vs DiBiase or MLW2s for Hogan vs Savage. Alternately, you can run the .exe file in the folder with that wrestler's name. Once you run your chosen file, choose your preferred graphics card between EGA and Tandy 16 color and then press Enter once you reach the main screen. You should now see pictures of the two wrestlers and can now change the settings. Using F3 and F4, change one of the wrestlers to be played by the computer, or keyboard if you are playing a friend. The monitor represents computer and the arrows represent the keyboard. The default options have Hogan controlled by the joystick, so unless you have a joystick you need to change this. Press F5 to start when ready and press Enter at the copy protection screen. Once the match is under way, just choose the moves you want your wrestler to perform. Keep an eye on the damage meter at the bottom. Try to use some strategy as it is unlikely that you will land your finisher at the start of the match. Weaken your opponent with more basic moves first. The time limit, which can be changed on the main screen, is important too since matches can end in a draw. The special move can change the direction of the match but is difficult to execute since it only sometimes works. Press the special button instead of choosing a move to attempt it. Controls: Space is pause. If you are playing Hogan, Q is up, Z is down, Tab selects the move, and H is special (Hulk up). When playing Savage or DiBiase, the up and down arrow keys scroll through the moves list, Enter selects the move, and V is special (interference).

Date: 13.3.2015
Reviewer-Rating: 4/5

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Released in 1989 - Developed by Micro League Sports Association - DOS


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Game Info

TitleMicro League Wrestling
More Info: Wikipedia | Mobygames
Platform: MS-DOS
Genre: Sports
Developer: Riedel Software Productions, Inc.
Publisher: Micro League Sports Association
Description: A wrestling game based on strategy as the moves are selected in a turn-based manner.
Tags: Micro League Wrestling, Micro League Wrestling Game, DOS Game
Game-Rating: 4/5 based on 1 ratings

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