80s DOS Games

Step-by-step FAQ guide to setting up DOSBox and D-Fend

Versions used in this guide: DOSBox 0.70 and D-Fend v3 Beta.

1. Go to http://dosbox.sourceforge.net and get the latest version of DOSBox.

2. Go to http://members.home.nl/mabus to download the latest version of D-Fend.

3. Install DOSBox. I recommend using the default destination folder to make the rest of this guide easier to follow.

4. Unzip the D-Fend file. Run it. It will tell you that you haven't configured DOSBox's location. Press OK.

Note: You should make a folder for the D-Fend file you unzipped because it will create several more files when you run it.

5. Find the folder in which DOSBox is installed. If you choose the default destination folder this will be C:\Program Files\DOSBox-Version#.

6. D-Fend will now open. I will now show you the easiest way of adding games - using the Profile Wizard. Click on the wizard's hat under File or press F2.

7. You should now see the box pictured below. Fill in the Profile Name field. Browse for the Game EXE and Setup EXE (if needed). This will be the .exe files from the DOS game.

8. Click on Accept all defaults. You should now see the game. Double-click it to play.


Important screenshot note: Older versions of D-Fend used to show screenshots taken with the Ctrl+F5 DOSBox shortcut in the bottom part of the interface. In v3 Beta, you need to create a folder named Capture in the folder where you D-Fend files are located before you take any screenshots.


DOSBox Shortcuts (from DOSBox's README.txt)

ALT-ENTER Switch to full screen and back.
ALT-PAUSE Pause emulation.
CTRL-F1 Start the keymapper.
CTRL-F4 Change between mounted disk-images. Update directory cache for all drives!
CTRL-ALT-F5 Start/Stop creating a movie of the screen. (avi video capturing)
CTRL-F5 Save a screenshot. (png)
CTRL-F6 Start/Stop recording sound output to a wave file.
CTRL-ALT-F7 Start/Stop recording of OPL commands.
CTRL-ALT-F8 Start/Stop the recording of raw MIDI commands.
CTRL-F7 Decrease frameskip.
CTRL-F8 Increase frameskip.
CTRL-F9 Kill dosbox.
CTRL-F10 Capture/Release the mouse.
CTRL-F11 Slow down emulation (Decrease DOSBox Cycles).
CTRL-F12 Speed up emulation (Increase DOSBox Cycles).
ALT-F12 Unlock speed (turbo button).