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Donald Duck's Playground

Made by: Sierra, Walt Disney

Year: 1986

Category: Other

Rating: 2.5/5

Size: 107 KB


Donald Duck's Playground is a semi-educational game aimed at younger players. You control Donald Duck who tries to earn money (for a playground for his nephews) in four different mini-games, or jobs. The places you can work are at an airport, toy shop, farm, and train station.

Your job at the airport entails sorting baggage. Four three-letter airport names will show up on the airport baggage vehicle outside. From the boxes representing bags in front of you, pick up the ones going to the airports you want, turn around, and put them in the right location.

The way to do the job at the toy store is to place the toys that come at the left in the right location. The right location is where you already see the same toy on the shelf. Watch out for "The Amquack Special" as it will knock toys off the shelf if you do not switch the lever on the right when it comes. To move the ladder, press the action button when you are in front of it (without a toy in your hand).

To work at the farm, catch the fruit that comes flying off the truck by moving to where it is falling then drop it in the correct box with the action button.

The train station job involves redirecting trains. Pull a level to change the direction of the track at the corresponding point. You have to make both the pickup and delivery to earn the money, so you'll want longer shifts for this one.

So what do you do with all this money you've earned? It is used to purchase parts of a playground you are building for your nephews. Walk to the left when you are in the street and you will see three stores where you can buy such parts. You will also see the way to the park which is where the playground will be located. When you are in a store, press the action button to buy something when you are near it and can see its info.

When you reach the park, you will switch to being one of Donald Duck's nephews. This is where you purchases will be places. Press the action button when you are near one to play with it. Note that there are several screens. Walk to the left and right of each one to explore new ones. In the middle and initial screen, you can even go up.


The arrow keys control movement. X is the action button and Enter gets rid of prompts. To stop moving, just press the arrow key of the direction you are going again.

Hint: You'll walk/climb faster if you just press and let go of the arrow key instead of holding it down.