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Classic Concentration

Made by: Softie, ShareData

Year: 1989

Category: Puzzle

Rating: 4.4/5

Size: 139 KB


Classic Concentration is another adaptation from a TV game show. The concept is simple: match up two tiles to remove them from the 25 tile board. You go against another player (can be computer or human) and you take turns at selecting the tiles. The goal here is to figure out what the picture behind them is trying to say. When you know that you can solve the puzzle and move on. If you beat your opponent and do move on you have to beat a similar puzzle but with a time limit and no opponent. This concludes the game, and you can now see how high you scored against the current high scores.


There aren't any controls to learn here. To setup the game at the start just follow what the computer is telling you. The questions will be obvious to answer such as how many players (you type 1 or 2) and yes/no questions. To choose a tile use the arrow keys.