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December 29 - Today I add one of my favorite RPGs of all time: Ancient Land of Ys.

December 7 - The game today is Donald Duck's Playground. It is aimed at younger people so if you've never played it before and are over the age of 10 you may not be crazy about it, but many of you will remember it from your childhoods.

November 22 - A game and a tutorial today. The game is Bubble Bobble, a great arcade game of which I enjoyed a later remake before ever playing this one. The higher difficulty of this game seperates it from the remakes.

The tutorial is the DOSBox and D-Fend guide I promised. Check it out if you need help with those two programs.

November 21 - The 20th game to the site is PC Pool Challenges, one of the oldest games on the site. '80s DOS Games is now over a year old and I'll be marking this occasion by adding a DOSBox and D-Fend guide to help people play these old games on their new computers. Look for it in the next update.

November 1 - While RPG isn't my favorite genre, I decided to add one to balance out the categories a little bit. Legacy of the Ancients was a fun play although I didn't get too into it and thus not far in the game.

I also fixed the CSS code a bit so the site looks better for Firefox users. The text no longer overlaps the gray content box.

September 17 - Today's game will be enjoyed especially by wrestling fans. Micro League Wrestling 2 features Hulk Hogan, The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, and Macho Man Randy Savage. This game is different than most wrestling games because it is turn based. You choose what move you want your wrestler to perform and need to strategize since your opponent gets the same amount of turns as you.

September 7 - I'm back. I've been real busy with school but hope for more frequent updates. Today the game is one many of us (myself included) have probably already played: Street Rod. I wrote a super long summary for this one that I think is the best and most comprehensive unofficial guide on the net.

August 26 - If you watch Family Feud you'll like today's update: the DOS version of the game show Family Feud.

August 22 - A fun racing game today where your only opponent is time. OutRun is up.

August 13 - Now all categories really have at least game, with today's game Alter Ego belonging in the Other section. Check it out.

August 3 - The Fool's Errand, a puzzle game is today's update.

July 27 - A few changes here today. First off, as you'll notice, I put some ads up. I also made the links and border a lighter shade of blue. I think it looks better this way. I added a great racing game called Stunt Car Racer. Now every category has at least one game except Other but that doesn't really count.

July 18 - Dungeon Master is finally here. Enjoy the first RPG on the site.

July 12 - Well, it's been a while. So long actually that I forgot to add Dungeon Master as the next game. At least the game I added instead is also good. It's Sid Meier's Pirates! I'll get to DM next.

May 21 - The action category already has the most games while some have none. And what do I do? I go and add another action game. Actually, I was going to add the RPG game Dungeon Master but I had some trouble running it in DOSBox, which is weird because I ran it fine before. Instead I added Action Fighter, a cool DOS version of the SEGA game. Look for Dungeon Master to be the next update. I also changed the last part of the Styx page. I wrote up an easier way to change the settings in D-Fend.

April 22 - I've been busy and have let a lot of time pass between updates. I'm still thinking about changing or touching up the design and I have a D-Fend tutorial on the horizon. For the time being, enjoy Styx, a great game that makes it 8.

March 28 - Welcome to the launch of 80s DOS Games. There are 7 excellent games on the site to start it off and many more will come. The navigation menu on the right should help you find what you are looking for. Check the all games list if you are looking for a specific game. If you have any questions or comments my email is at the bottom of the page. Here are the 7 games on the site thus far:

1. Kings of the Beach
2. Mini-Putt
3. Alley Cat
4. Wheel of Fortune
5. Frogger
6. Risk
7. Classic Concentration



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